Precepts Retreat at Sanshinji

This retreat focuses on the study of the Bodhisattva precepts that Buddhists receive as guidelines for living a life of practice. It will offer zazen, lectures and discussion, work practice, and silent meals. Talking is allowed during breaks, and a precepts ceremony called Jukai is held during the last day of the retreat. In this ceremony, participants receive the Buddhist precepts and a rakusu, or lay robe, which they have sewn beforehand. The community is present as witness. Individuals interested in receiving the precepts should contact our teacher, Rev. Shohaku Okumura.

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Daily Schedule


9 am Temple Cleaning
4 pm Doan training (upon request)
6:00 Supper
7:30 Orientation
8:00 Zazen
8:50 End of Day

Thursday - Sunday

04:40 Wakeup
05:10 Zazen
06:00 Kinhin
06:10 Zazen
07:00 Serve-up/breakfast
07:30 Soji (temple cleaning)

08:00 Break

09:00 Dharma talk
10:30 Question & answer

10:50 Break

11:10 Zazen
12 pm Serve-up/lunch/break

01:00 Work period
02:50 Tea
04:00 End of work/break

05:10 Zazen

06:00 Serve-up/supper/break

07:10 Zazen
08:00 Kinhin
08:10 Zazen
9:00 End of Day


04:40 Wakeup
05:10 Zazen
06:00 Kinhin
06:10 Zazen
07:00 Serve-up/breakfast
07:30 Soji (temple cleaning)

08:00 Break

09:00 Preparation for Jukai-e
10:00 Jukai-e
11:00 Temple cleaning
11:30 Sangha gathering
12 pm Lunch/cleanup
End of Retreat

Precepts Guidelines

For more information about this retreat, including registration and accommodation, please contact the office manager at 812-339-2635, or by email at

· Participants may chose to attend the entire retreat or any part it. You may, for example, attend one or two full days, or you may chose to attend certain portions of all five days. However, in order to plan for meal attendance and zendo occupancy, we do ask that when you register you specify the portions of retreat you will attend.

· Because we aim to create an environment of harmony and continuity during retreat, we hope that participants will be able to attend all retreat activities they have signed up for. However, we realize that it may be necessary for some participants to take an unscheduled break in order to take care of themselves. We simply ask that you inform the Ino if you will not be in attendance for a meal or scheduled period of zazen. Also, if you must leave the retreat earlier than expected for any reason, please inform the Ino.

· Meals during retreat are no longer taken oryoki style. We now serve meals buffet style. There is no need to bring or borrow oryoki bowls.

· There will be work assignments such as meal preparation, cleanup, and doanryo. If you have some experience and would like to be trained to help as a doan, please contact the Ino. Training is usually held on the day of orientation, at 4PM.

· To register for this retreat, please print our Event Registration Form and mail the completed form to Sanshinji, using the address shown on the form.

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